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Database De-duplication – so you don’t damage your credibility

Duplicating mail to customers or prospects or making multiple sales calls to one contact wastes time, money and erodes the quality of your marketing. AdStorm’s database de-duplication expertise ensures the integrity of your marketing database, with single and accurate records for each entry.

Database de-duplication is integral to really knowing and understanding your audience. How many customers are active accounts? How many have lapsed? Which are the most profitable accounts? And which prospects should be treated as ‘hot’?

How big is your market?

Drilling down your database to extract pertinent business data is easy and invaluable, so long as the information is holds is clean and up to date. Duplication of records is a common problem – but thanks to years of database manipulation experience and the latest in data de-duplication technology, one that AdStorm can easily solve.

We’ll interrogate your database for potential record matches and determine which entry is correct as part of your ongoing database cleansing. That way you can be sure of growing the value of your customers and ensuring any marketing that’s database driven is money well spent.

Talk to us to find out more about database de-duplication now.

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