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International E-newsletters – effective e-comms for global audiences

Globalisation is making the world seem a smaller place, and an increasing number of businesses are trading internationally. However global communications require a high level of local ‘know-how’ – to be successful in communicating to a geographically widespread audience it’s vital that you ‘talk the same language’ as every recipient.

While a global e-newsletter can be timely and convenient, its content must be relevant and easy to understand – no matter where recipients are based on the planet.

Language selection is really important. Simply translating an English version directly into other languages won’t take into account colloquialisms, cultural sensitivities, and word-plays that may exist in your material.

Localisation is very different to translation – it’s a segmentation form in itself. And it’s worth remembering that speaking to individual audiences in their terms can dramatically improve results.

Surprisingly enough the majority of the world’s English speakers follow a British rather than American form – so even e-newsletters bound for the US can pose linguistic hurdles!

AdStorm has wide experience in the composition, translation, localisation and local fulfilment of international newsletters. We’re adept with the nuances that are specific to each market and identifying messages that will resonate with the audience you are addressing – wherever they may be in the world.

If you want a partner to manage your entire newsletter process professionally, to ensure your content resonates with your audience, is linguistically spot-on and well timed, then let AdStorm take care of everything from content, publication and distribution to salutations, format, time zones, local laws and local norms.

Please contact us to discuss your global e-newsletter requirements now.

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