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Thornton Project Solutions

Our Client:

Thornton Project Solutions is a specialist Interior Fit Out company with over 45 years experience in providing services and turn-key solutions for the retail, leisure and commercial sectors.

Marketing Challenge:

As part of its ambitious drive to grow to a £20m turnover fit out company within 2 years, Thornton Project Solutions (TPS) needed to develop a variety of marketing resources aimed at generating new sales opportunities.

Adstorm’s Solution:

AdStorm put together a comprehensive marketing programme that included the development of a new website, Search Engine Advertising with Google AdWords, and optimisation of the web site to perform well in organic search.

“We created a completely new Interior Fit Out website for TPS that would provide the very best possible end-user experience, designed to achieve the highest possible conversion of visitors into valuable sales enquiries,” says AdStorm director, Rob Frost.

AdStorm also implemented Google Analytics on the new website in order to measure cost per acquisition of new customers against different keywords and advertisers, to facilitate future optimisation of the advertising programme.

“Crucially, from an optimisation point of view, the website was designed to channel genuine sales leads differently from other enquiries, so that leads could be accurately measured and the data used for future advertising optimisation,” Rob points out.

Gary King, Thornton Project Solutions Managing Director comments, “The initial advertising showed good results. Enquiries began coming in and within a few weeks we were quoting on a £350,000 job. That job alone would pay for an entire year’s advertising.”

Following a few months advertising, AdStorm had gathered enough data to begin advanced optimisation. Using the data gathered from Google Analytics, advertising spend was focussed on the ads that performed better, and diverted away from poorer performing keywords and adverts.

Ads were optimised to improve their Google quality score, and bids were optimised to generate the maximum possible clickthrough for TPS’s advertising budget. New ads were also created for niches that had been spotted in the intervening months, and ads were also tailored to encourage the right kind of enquiries that suited TPS, and to discourage unwanted clicks.

As a result of the PPC advertising optimisation, the already healthy number of leads increased dramatically. Gary King comments, “In 20 years in the industry, I have never known an interior fit out company receive so many enquiries. They are coming in one or two per day and we are now hiring an additional Business Development Manager. Having more leads we are also now better able to prioritise the leads we follow up, so we can dedicate our valuable resources on chasing the more profitable opportunities.”

“Thanks in no small part to AdStorm and their expertise in online marketing we are well on target to achieve our very ambitious goals.” Gary added.

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